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During the defensive actions of our independence, they saved us.

Now it is our turn to save them.


Our campaign for the tank shelter has raised already over 300 sponsors and 28 000 euros – awesome! The first Tali-Ihantala package was sold recently for 2 000 euros.

Now is the time to make a spurt for the finishing line. Please, send out this message to friends and especially to enterprises and communities so that we could get more investors/buyers for the larger packages. The pot has already accumulated nearly half of the minimum target – there is time still until the end of this month. Let us spread the word and let’s get going, never say die!

We have received a significant material investment from the consolidated corporation SSAB in terms of covering the shelter with Ruukki roof plates. In addition, another one of our partner-in- cooperation has engaged to collaborate with a work contribution in the future earth moving work. The entire project is proceeding downwind, but still there is a need for further sponsors for the crowdfunding campaign!

Our campaign has been noticed unexpectedly in Japan. A starting shot for this attention was when one of the tanks to be sheltered, BT-42, performed as a sympathetic hero in the manga cartoon produced by the Finnish-Japanese team. To date great many Japanese tourists have visited the Parola Armour Museum – and already a hundred have discovered and invested in our crowdfunding campaign. In addition to a number of Japanese more investors have come up around the world like Australia, USA, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Austria, England, Switzerland… The safekeeping of historical tanks is considered important everywhere.


On the exhibition slope of the Parola Armour Museum has amassed an impressive and unique collection of tanks that have used during the wars in Finland in 1939-1945. The ravages of time has corrupted the tanks significantly. So that this important part of the armoured troops’ history can be stored for future generations, they are to get shelter from an impact on the weather.

It would be dishonourable to let these pillars of their time fall into decay representing technical way-making and also characterized as a wizardry of a defensive victory during the wars.

We need a mutual will once again!


Tank shelter in focus of crowdfunding.

The Parola Armour Museum’s mission is to maintain and assemble the history of Finnish armoured and anti-tank troops. This requires collecting the history and artifacts, recording, researching and restoration. One of the tasks is a display to the public and publishing activities of the branch. The Parola Armour Museum Foundation that is a non-profit community fulfills this mission.

The funding of the current Parola Armour Museum only allows for a continuation of current activities, but does not stand up building a weather shelter for the exhibits. The collection is as valuable financially as gauged with instruments that are more important. It consists of unique tanks in the world last of its kind on display, without mentioning their history – bound up with our war veterans’ sacrifices and heroic acts.

The overall budget of building two shelters is 400 000 euros of which the crowfunding part is set to be 200 000 euros. The fulfillment of the crowdfunding campaign’s 60 000 € minimum goal enables to start the building of lit weather shelters. The shelters make a comfort of the museum visitors better; enable year-round opening hours of the outdoor exhibition and a preservation of a unique tank history for future generations.

The maintenance of the war veterans’ heritage is important!












Tank Commander










Armored division

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